Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Hunt Continues

I have decided to stay on Sandy Creek and take my hits. I'd rather struggle for a few fish in peace than fish in a crowd and hope I can work into a good spot and catch a few fish. I have been finding a lot of Brown trout, Coho salmon and Rainbows in the estuary. The problem is that it is all private property and the access is extremely limited. The low water flow on sandy Creek has kept these fish in the estuary until recently. I have finally found a few fish that have started to venture up the creek. I am walking about 2 to 4 miles a day and we have been averaging about six to eight fish a day. Hopefully once the canal starts to be drained the Browns will quickly migrate up river, improving their numbers. Until then, at least we are fishing in peace.

The word on the Genesee River is that there are a lot of Salmon still coming in to the river. The Salmon's spawn activity is spread out all the way down the river to Seth Green Island. As for the Steelhead there are good numbers of fish up around the falls and the powerhouse pool. Because of all the Salmon spawning, fishing for Steelhead in or just below the powerhouse pool is an egg fly bite. Down river along Seth Green Island you may have a better chance of catching a Steelhead on a swinging fly. However you will have your best results fishing egg patterns down here to.

As for the flies, once again nothing has changed, for those of you who are new here is the rundown; for Brown trout and Steelhead, nuclear roe bugs in size 8 and 10 colors Oregon cheese and orange. For Salmon and swinging flies for Steelhead, black and brown woolly buggers size 6 and 4 and bunny streamers, size 6 and 4 in colors all white, white and pink, white and brown, Brown and black.

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