Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fish Tails

This will end my stay on the Salmon River in Pulaski, N.Y. It is now time to fish for Brown Trout. We had a good fall on the Salmon River, despite the low water. We experienced one of the best runs of Coho Salmon of all times, great fun. We caught plenty of Chinook salmon and at this time the Salmon River is having a good run of Steelhead.

I will now be fishing the western end of the lake for the rest of the fall. Once again we have the same low water as we did on the Salmon river, hopefully we will get some rain soon. Until then we can fish the Genesee River. During low water years like this one the Genesee River will fish at it’s best. The low water will slow the start of the Brown trout run at Sandy Creek. But once again, just like the salmon, the brown trout will run.

The water flow on the Oak is very good as the Oak receives canal water. As a result, the Oak Orchard is right on schedule with the Brown trout run. The Oak has been receiving good runs of Brown trout. There is also a few Steelhead that are being caught daily and there is still a lot of Chinook salmon around.

Hopefully we will get some more rain next week. The smaller creeks and rivers are still way low. The fishing in these waters is starting up slowly. It will take a lot of rain and some time to get the Brown trout fishing going As always, with tributary fishing conditions can and do change quickly.

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