Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fall Brown Trout

I have been fishing both Sandy Creek and Oak Orchard River the past week. We have received a little bit of rain the last couple of days, however it is not enough to effect the water flows. Water flows at Sandy Creek are extremely low. The low water is keeping the Brown trout from running the Creek like they normally do. I have found precious few fish in the normal spots for this time of the year. When you are dealing with extreme low water conditions, you need to look at your rivers completely different. Fish are more sensitive to low water conditions than high water conditions.

Oak Orchard
The water flow for the Oak Orchard River is made up almost entirely with canal water release. This will guarantee a fishable flow of water for the next few weeks.
The Brown trout fishing has been spotty the last few days. The fishing pressure on Oak Orchard River has been extremely intense from Friday to Monday, and the remainder of the week is fairly reasonable for the season. There is still a few Chinook salmon trying to spawn and a few Steelheads are being caught daily. The Brown Trout fishing is concentrated in the deeper runs and pools, it is still early yet.

Genesee River
This is one river that is definitely benefiting from the dry weather. The Genesee River continues to have good fishing for Chinook salmon. Spawning Salmon are spread out from a powerhouse pool all the way down to Seth Green Island. The numbers of steelhead continue to improve almost daily. Because of all the spawning the steelhead are spread out amongst the spawning salmon feeding in the stray eggs.

Productive Flies
For the Brown trout we are using a wide variety of flies from egg flies (my favorite nuclear roe bugs in colors of Oregon cheese and orange), to streamers such as white bunny streamers and woolly buggers.

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