Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cold Weather - Cold Water

Recently we have been catching a mixed bag of both Rainbow trout and Brown trout. Sandy Creek generally has a strong run of Rainbow trout in mid to late November.
The cold weather we have been experiencing this week has slowed down the spawning activity of the Brown trout. The cold water has sent the Browns in to the holes and pockets. Once the water warms up a little the Browns will get back to spawning. From now on the water temperatures are going to be on the cold side. Sandy creek is a long shallow creek that will cool and warm quickly. With these cold conditions Sandy creek will fish best in the afternoon. On cold days I like to fish Oak Orchard in the mornings and then move to Sandy for the afternoon.

It looks like we have received all of the canal water we're going to for the year, the canal system is now drained. Fortunately we are having enough wet weather and a water flows on Sandy are still remaining decent. Hopefully we will continue to get some steady rainfall and keep the water flow at a fishable level. As for the muddy look to the creek: remember the off color water is cover to the fish.

On normal years the Brown trout will be winding down with there spawning by now. This year the low water has delayed this for weeks. The Brown trout spawn has only been going on for about two weeks now. The streamer fishing that normally is on by now, is just starting. We are still taking most of our Browns with egg flies.

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  1. Jay, I am fairly new to fishing the Lake Ontario Tribs but have extensive experience with other types of fishing. I want to thank you for your excellent information. it has helped my learning curve alot. Dave