Monday, October 15, 2007

Steelhead - Salmon

About the photograph: this is a male steelhead caught with a woolly bugger we call the raider bugger. The Steelhead weighed in at an impressive 17 pounds.

Salmon River, at Pulaski, NY - The last few days we have received a fair amount of rain, however the water flow remains at 100 CFS. The cool weather that has accompanied the rain has also helped to drop the water temperature. The water temperature is now holding in the mid 50s.

Chinook Salmon continue to enter the River in decent numbers. I suspect we will have at least one more week of good runs of salmon. Steelhead numbers continue to improve daily. We are hooking two to four Steelhead a day on average. This is in my opinion very good fall steelhead fishing at this stage of their run. The big problem comes when we try to land these fish. When you hook a fall steelhead, they basically explode. Even with low water, the Steelhead is doing an excellent job of holding up to their reputation.

The fishing pressure: I suspect that by mid week the River will start to quiet down considerably. The fishing pressure this past weekend was not as heavy as I thought it was going to be. This does not mean the fishing is over. In fact, the best fishing is yet to come....Steelhead!!!

Productive flies: Not much has changed but here I go anyway. True to form this fall, we have been using a larger than normal selection of fly patterns. For salmon a pattern is finally starting to show itself. Mr. rubber legs in Brown and black, woolly buggers in Brown and black and Dave's SA. For steelhead we have been using nuclear roe bugs in Oregon cheese and orange. We've also caught steelhead with Brown woolly buggers and the nuclear roe bugs have been catching more than their share of salmon.

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