Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rising River

Salmon River, Pulaski, N.Y. - I have often said be careful for what you wish for. The Salmon River has finally received enough rain to bring the water up to base level. The normal flow for the Salmon River during the fall is 350 CFS. Hopefully we can enjoy a few weeks of normal water flow for a change. Anyways at 350 this is what we call spey water. Finally the two-handed rods are coming out.

With the sharp increase in water flow, the steelhead fishing has been surprisingly tough the last couple of days even though Steelheads are continuing to enter the river in decent numbers. The normal water flows have also put the fish back to a normal migratory pattern. It didn't take long for things to get back to normal. Steelheads are now spread out throughout the entire length of the Salmon River including the upper fly-fishing only section.

The Chinook Salmon run is for the most part done here on the Salmon River. Most of the salmon have entered the river and are now spread out through the river system and spawning. The way things are progressing with the salmon spawn, I suspect this stage of the salmon run will be winding down in about two weeks.

Productive flies: we have not been targeting the Salmon, however, the same old stuff will always get a few fish (woolly buggers in brown and black). We are primarily fishing for steelhead. Because of all the spawning salmon, egg flies are what we are getting our Steelhead to take. With the increase in water flow to 335, things might change in a day or two and we might start to take more steelhead with a swinging fly. Stay tuned for the fly patterns.

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