Monday, October 1, 2007

Jeff's Coho Salmon

26 lb Coho Salmon

Salmon River, Pulaski, NY - The cool nights are definitely having a positive affect on our fishing, cooling off the water and triggering runs of salmon. The water temperature the last couple of days has been in the low 60s. A great run of both Coho and Chinook salmon came through the DSR Sunday 9/30/07. I saw two Brown trout caught and we also caught one steelhead. The biggest surprise of the day is Jeff's Coho Salmon. This is the biggest Coho Salmon I have ever seen. This salmon weighed in at 26 pounds, truly a fish of a lifetime. The fly that Jeff caught this on giant fish was Dave's SA. This is truly a giant fish especially when you consider a very big Coho normally weighs in at around 16 pounds.
Again today 10/1/07 a good run of salmon came through the DSR. Just like the day before the run was a mix of Chinooks and Cohos. If low water conditions persist, I suspect that once the Chinook salmon starts to run heavy, the runs are going to be intense. Other area tributaries such as North and South and little sandy are now at this time so low, salmon will have a tough time finding the streams. This will concentrate all the salmon that normally run the eastern end of Lake Ontario into one river, the Salmon River. This may explain why we are encouraging a monster run of Coho salmon.

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