Thursday, October 18, 2007


Salmon River, Pulaski, NY - And that goes for the Steelhead fishing too. The last few days I have seen the biggest runs of Steelhead that I have ever seen before. What I expect is going on, is that we are going to have another excellent year of Steelhead fishing. Also with the low water, I am able to see a lot of the Steelhead as they work their way up river. Most of the Steelhead that we are catching right now weighed in between 7 and 9 pounds. However there is a large number of four-year-old fish, which weighed in between 12 and 16 pounds. Excellent Steelhead!! These Steelhead are classic fall run Steelies, bright chrome and full of fight. The steelheads are so hot that they are hard to land. Our hookup/land ratio right now is at best 50%.

We have been concentrating on fishing behind spawning Salmon for the Steelhead. There are spawning Chinook salmon spread out through the lower and mid river. As a result the Steelhead are very quickly keying in on the salmon's eggs. Most of our fish are being caught with nuclear roe bugs, fished right downstream of the spawning Salmon. With all the Salmon eggs drifting in the river we have not had much luck swinging flies.

The last few days the number of Chinook salmon entering the river has slowed down considerably. I am still seeing plenty fresh Salmon entering the river daily to keep the Salmon fishermen interested. This is not the end of the Salmon run, there are plenty more to come.

Productive flies as I mentioned before for Steelhead: our hottest fly has been nuclear roe bugs in Oregon cheese and orange. We've had a few Steelheads take Mr. Rubber legs in brown. For Salmon pretty much the same thing. And of course do not forget woolly buggers in the standard colors of brown and black.

Brown trout are more of a bonus fish for the Salmon River. However the other day we did manage to catch one Brown trout. This Brown trout took an Oregon cheese nuclear roe bug. The best part is the Brown trout weighed in at 16 pounds.

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