Saturday, October 27, 2007

Guides Day Off

What do I do when I have a day off? The same thing everybody else wants to do. Go fishing!!!
Just like everyone else I can not always pick the best days to fish. The conditions for today were very tough, but I had a chance to go fishing so I made the best of it. The day started out bright and sunny, then slowly deteriorated to wind driven rain. When this happens in late October the river fills up with leaves. These conditions do not help a whole lot with the steelhead fishing. When there is a lot leaves and the river, steelhead do not like to move far for a fly. Another problem is your fly will often get lost in all the leaves that are drifting down river, not to mention all the leaves that foul up your fly. In the end, we fished hard and made the best of it. As always the best time to fish is when you can.

Salmon River, Pulaski, N.Y - What is going on? We are definitely now seeing the effects of the rain and the Salmon River has gone up once again. The Salmon River has within a few days gone from 185CFS to 350 for two days, and now the Salmon River is running at 750. This Monday the River will be at a 1000 CFS and is supposed to last 24 hours. The weather prediction for this weekend is more rain. I would not be surprised if we are looking at a 1000 CFS all of next week. We wanted water, well, now we have it. Careful for what you wish for.

The good news is we are done with a Salmon run and we are now fishing for Steelhead in high water is a lot easier than fishing for Salmon in the same conditions. Good numbers of fresh Steelhead are showing up in the bottom and of the DSR. Hopefully the Steelhead will not get exposed to the salmon eggs as quickly as they did earlier in the week. With a lot of water, good water temperature and fresh Steelhead we should do well this coming week swinging flies.

Productive flies; as you would expect egg patterns, nuclear roe bugs (colors: Oregon cheese and orange) have been the most productive for me. We have also been catching a few fish with pink estaz eggs. Because of all the leaves, size 6 and size 4 black and silver woolly buggers and fall favorites are an excellent choice to swing.

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