Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good Fishing

Salmon River, at Pulaski NY. The weatherman's predictions are holding true. We had good rainfall Monday night and into Tuesday and now the weather is cooling off sharply.

The last three days, 10/8 thru 10/10 we have had large runs of salmon. I suspect we will continue to receive strong runs for at least another week. I have started to see salmon spawning. Not to a lot of salmon yet, but enough to have an effect on how we are fishing for steelhead. Keep in mind, steelhead will quickly key in on eggs. We have been catching most of our steelhead fishing behind spawning salmon with egg flies. At the same time, keep in mind with low water conditions most of the River will have suitable habitat for spawning. As a result spawning activity is not going to be concentrated in a few select locations. This means we will have to do it a lot more hiking and hunting to find feeding steelhead. As always steelhead fishing is a coverage game. The more water you can cover, potentially the more fish you can catch.

Productive flies; True to form this fall we have been using a larger than normal selection of fly patterns. For salmon a pattern is finally start a show itself, Mr. rubber legs in Brown and black, woolly buggers here again same colors Brown and black and Dave’s SA. For steelhead we have been using nuclear roe bugs (colors: Oregon cheese and orange). We've also caught steelhead with Brown woolly buggers and the nuclear roe bugs have been catching more than their share of salmon.

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