Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Staying low

This is not just the water level, but the salmon fishing as well. I knew the salmon would migrate up river very slowly this fall, but I am surprised at just how slowly. All my fishing so far this fall has been from the compactor pool down through the bottom end of the DSR.

On 9/17/07 the DSR reported a strong run of both Coho salmon and Chinook salmon. The run on this particular day was made up of mostly Coho salmon. This was the first significant run of salmon of the fall. The following day 9/18 found these fish spread out between the Paper Mill and Compactor pool. Normally Coho salmon will run the entire river within 24 hours. However with the low water this year it looks like they will take three to four days to make it up to the hatchery.

Because of a bright sunny weather, I have been having my best fishing from early morning to about noon, and then again from 4 o'clock until dark. As I mentioned in an earlier article, it's best to take a break during the mid-day when the fish are inactive.

The productive flies are as follows; black and brown woolly buggers, Mr. rubber legs and black stone flies.

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