Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Favorite Time Of The Year

Cool nights, cooling water temperature, light fishing pressure, and enough fish to make it fun. Despite the low water, this is my favorite time of the year. Despite the rain we had the water flow is still 100 CFS. Yes- the water is low, but some how the salmon are still finding there way up river.
I fished the Douglaston salmon run Monday 9/10/07. The water temperature that morning was 67 degrees; I saw about 25 to 30 Salmon running through the lower DSR, at the clay hole. By late morning, I moved up river and found good numbers of Salmon holding in the pocket water for the given conditions. Because of the low water, the salmon were very spooky. I found that once I had located a salmon, I needed to stay way off the salmon while I fished to it.
Productive fly patterns for the day were; black woolly buggers size 6, black stone flies size 8, Dave SA size 6, Mr. rubber legs black size 4. As the day wore on and the cloud cover cleared, smaller fly sizes needed to be use, because of the bright sunny conditions.
Later this week the weather forecast is for cold nights and cooler days. This will drop the water temperatures quickly and may trigger a run of salmon. Let us keep hoping that the rainy weather will continue. Because the ground is so dry it is going to take a lot of rain to get us out of our drought conditions, and bring the river's flow back to normal.

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