Saturday, September 15, 2007

Attention: Lower Flyfishing Area Closed

ATTENTION: THE LOWER FLYFISHING AREA WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL OCTOBER 15TH, 2007. Due to drought conditions the fall Salmon River base flows of 335cfs have been reduced to 100cfs. The Lower Flyfishing Area is a staging area for fish as they prepare to enter the NYSDEC Salmon River Hatchery. We need to ensure that adequate numbers of fish will enter the hatchery to meet egg quotas.

It is good to see that the department is paying attention to our fisheries. For a lot of people this will be disappointing. However in the end, it is what's best to maintain the resource. Besides, the upper fly fishing zone will remain open and we still have over 13 miles of river to fish.

Fishing conditions for Salmon River on Friday 9/14/07 remained constant, with a 100 CFS release. However, the water temperatures continue to slowly improve. Water temperature was 64 degrees. There was a light run of salmon that came into the lower portion of the DSR. The Salmon do not venture far up river, and seem to have stopped at about the spring whole or the Josh pool. The Salmon that ran earlier in the week are now spread out between the ballpark and route 2A.

As I've been saying, concentrate your fishing efforts in the pocket water and in the heads of the pools. Once the Salmon start to migrate up river they will be seeking out any deep pocket to rest in. Productive fly patterns have not changed except we have had to drop down a size or two.

Note: even though the water levels are low, the salmon do not know this and are still going to run. This will be a good opportunity to get some instruction in fishing in low water conditions. The way things are looking this is going to be status quo for the fall. I have openings next week for September 25th-27th. If you're interested you can contact me through the shop 585-352-4775 or contact me on my cell phone 585-233-0436.

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