Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fall Fishing

It is time once again to start thinking about the fall fishing. The information I am getting about the lake fishing is very good. A lot of food and stable water conditions has made for a good growing season. The salmon fishing in the lake has been excellent and the size of the salmon is once again running big. If the normal patterns hold up we will have a big run of salmon.

I am getting the same good reports about the Brown Trout from the lake. It seems the Browns are finding plenty to eat and did some good growing themselves. Last fall we caught a lot of big Brown Trout, 12 to 14 pounds. If these Browns return they can add 5 more pounds or more over the summer. As always, the Brown Ttrout fishing will be interesting.

Steelhead - this is the big question. Last season we had one of the best steelhead seasons I have seen in about 10 years. Will we have another run like last year? Again, the reports from the lake are good. Right now I am cautiously optimistic. I see no reason why we will not have a good steelhead run this season.

Every fall has it's own challenge, and this fall will be no exception to this rule.
The one big challenge I see coming for this fall, will be low water conditions. This is not a big deal for us. Low water conditions are perfectly suited for the fly fishermen. With the size of some the salmon we will be encountering, low water conditions will be helpful landing one of these brutes.

I will be fishing the Salmon River from September to October for Salmon and Steelhead. The best Salmon fishing will be from September to mid October. For the Steelhead at the Salmon River I like mid October to November. By November I will be back home fishing for Brown Trout and Steelhead at Sandy Creek. I will fish here for the Brown Trout and Steelhead until the creek ices up some time in January.

If you would like to join me, I have several prime dates available for September and October on the Salmon River fishing for Salmon and Steelhead. Dates for the November Brown Trout fishing are going fast. Don't wait to get your days scheduled.

A special thanks to Jason and Patricia of Trout-n-About Charters (www.troutnaboutcharters.com) for the photographs.

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