Monday, August 27, 2007

Early - But

This past week the Salmon River has seen a few Chinook Salmon trying to run. The Douglaston Salmon run is reporting a few Salmon being caught last week. So far this is a good start for the season. The water temperature has warmed up a little this week to 70 degrees. This is a little to warm for the Salmon. When the water is warm like this Salmon will only run a short distance up river befor heading back out to the cool water of the lake. The best fishing will be from first light to mid morning. The way thing are looking, with the low water and hot weather this may be the pattern for some time to come.

There are a few Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead are being caught in the few cooler spring feed pools. This too, is early morning fishing. You need to cover these spots fast befor the morning light and the water starts to warm up and shut the fish down. The best approach to fishing these fish is to use the intermediate sink tip and swing flies size 8 and 6. Concentrate your efforts in the faster flowing water.

Note: I have dates open for late September & early October. This is prime Salmon fishing time. If you're interested, contact either myself or the fly shop. The shop number is 585-352-4775

The Oak Orchard is open for fishing! River access issues for the Oak Orchard river have been resolved. Fishing will be allowed from the dam down river without any hindrance. Good news!

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