Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We Get Trico

The Trico Hatch has started. I found a small but fishable hatch of Trico in the park section of Oatka. It was a typical morning of fishing during a heat wave. The fish activity tapered off quickly by 8:30 AM. There was not a lot of bugs in the air or on the water. However, enough to get the trout working, when I found a rising trout, I could work that fish and most the time get it to take. I have my best results fishing a size 20 male spinner with spawn hackle wings. I tried Trico spinners tied with poly wings. The fish will come up and splash at the fly but not eat it. I suspect the wing on those flies were too heavy for the fish today. A few more fish were caught with black ants and one with a beetle pattern. I expect the intensity of the hatch to steadily increase over the next couple of weeks.

This is delicate fishing. I was using a 9 foot 3 weight rod and about 30 inches of 7-X tippits to get a good clean soft drift. Remember, this hatch is technically challenging and you can get easily frustrated at times. When the fish get tough, I always like to try fishing a ant in size 18 or 20 or a red variant in size 16.

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