Sunday, July 8, 2007

Trico On The Way

Well, at least we got a little rain. Unfortunately it is not enough to help the streams. I have been watching the fly shop this past week, and have not been out on the streams. I expect to see the trico hatch starting about one week from now. The trico hatch is a morning hatch and is usually over by mid morning. To fish this hatch is to show up on the stream about 6:30 to7:00 in the morning and fish until 9:00 – 10:00. By then the fish activity is normally over.

Normally the trico will hatch late night to very early in the morning. By the time we arrive on stream, the trico are starting their mating flight and returning back to the stream as spinners. When we have cooler than normal nights, this will delay the trico hatch time. This will allow us to get a little fishing with duns and provide us more prime fishing time later in the morning.

The trico hatch starts out as a size 20 and will drop down to a size 24 as the season progresses. These may flies will be hatching for the rest of the summer and has a reputation of being a technically tough hatch to fish. There are few reasons for this. The first is, we have been fishing over these fish for a few months now, the trout now knows the game. Add to this, the water conditions of our streams and creeks. Low clear water makes the trout nervous and exposed and gives us limited options for hiding from the fish. We always say that we like a challenge. This hatch is a lot of fun and challenging.

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