Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Trico Hatch

Fishing pressure at Oatka Creek has been fairly light and you can tell by all the deer that you see waiting around the creek.
Not much has changed with the fishing this past week, we had a little rain that had a minimum effect. Oatka is fishing consistently with the trico hatch. We have been having our best results fishing size 22 trico tied on with 7 and 8 X tippet. This is light rod fishing at its best. Also, typical for this time of the year and with the low water, the trout are now potted up. Do not expect to catch more than two or three trout in one spot before putting all the fish down. Other successful fly patterns are Red variant size 16 and of course, do not forget ants and beetles size 16 to 20.

The same goes for Spring Brook. If you're not familiar, here is the rundown. The fishing will alternate between midge fishing and scuds. Occasionally, there will be a few blue wing olives hatching. The B.W.Os will be about a size 20. During the evenings you may occasionally find a few spinners. The spinners are from the olive hatches and there will not be many. However, if the fish do get onto this bug, try a size 20 rusty spinner.

The information I am getting from Jason about the lake fishing is very good and just like last year the fish are averaging larger than normal. It is starting to look like we may have good runs of fish once again. I will be giving more details soon.

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