Sunday, July 15, 2007

Looking For Summer Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon

The state has been stocking a strain of summer-run Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon in the Salmon River. Traditionally these fish will start to run in late June and into July. The only river the can really support a run of Summer Steelhead and Atlantics is the Salmon River. The main reason for this is water temperature. The Salmon River has the best water temperature of all of our tribs.

Last weekend the Salmon River had one of a series of scheduled water releases. I was hoping the water release would trigger a run of fish. Too make a long story short, the water temperature was good but, I caught no Steelhead or Atlantic Salmon. There are two big fish at the hatchery; I think these are Atlantic salmon. A few more big fish are sitting in the lower no-kill’s cemetery pool; I do not think they really started to run yet. There is a lot of warm water in the lake and the fish would need to swim through this water before entering the river. I will give it a try in about two weeks, when there is another water release. For now it was good to just get on the river and fish with a spey rod.

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