Monday, July 2, 2007

The End Of The Sulfurs

You got to love a weather front that brings in a Arctic high. There may not be any rain with this but the cool nights and pleasant days sure don't hurt the fishing. Anything better than weather like this for us right now would be a lot of rain.

By now we can officially write off the sulfur hatch, it is done and we sure had some good fishing. For the next couple of weeks there will not be much for bugs hatching at Oatka, you might find a few Caddis and with a low water you may see some fish feeding on midgets. And of course do not forget ants and beetles, these flies can always bring a fish or two up. This is the time of the year where I like to fish two of my favorite flies. The Red variant, [shown in photograph] I fished this fly during the morning and into the day, the Silver variant, [shown in photograph] is an excellent fly to fish during the evening.

Fishing at Spring Brook is now going to be very consistent. The fishing will alternate between midges fishing and scuds. Occasionally there will be a few blue wing olives hatching. The B.W.Os will be about a size 20, during the evenings you may occasionally find a few spinners. The spinners are from the olive hatches, there will not be many spinners, however if the fish do get onto this bug try a size 20 rusty spinner

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