Thursday, June 21, 2007

We Need Rain!!

Tuesday 6/19/07 nights thunderstorms were a help but not much for our trout streams. What we really need is some consistent wet weather lasting several days, to bring our streams back up and then keep them there. All of our streams and creeks are as low as you would see in a dry August. Even Spring brook, which is very resilient, is at a historic low. Right now the Genesee river is so low and warm that we are losing fish.

Oatka is so low we need to take great care while we fish this creek. The water temperature is, cool enough but, the main concern is oxygen. During dry spells like the one we are locked in to right now. Oatka has dropped down to a point where most of the water flow is spring fed water. The trouble with spring water is there is no oxygen in it when the water comes out from the ground. Add to this the water flow is so low that it seeps down through the riffs instead of falling over, no agitation no oxygen. Low oxygen conditions are especially tough on the larger trout. When you catch a trout, release it in some fast water if it is available.

Enough of this depressing stuff -- spring brook is still fishing as well as you would expect. During the day it is a mix of midges, B.W.O and sulfurs. During the evenings there is an excellent sulfur spinner fall. The same goes for Oatka, except at Oatka there are a few Caddis hatching in the evenings, before the sulfur spinner fall

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