Monday, June 11, 2007

Sulfur Spinners

About the photographs -- One is obvious; a very nice Brown trout caught in the evening on Oatka Creek. If you enlarge the second photograph you will see the clouds of sulfur spinners I have been talking about.

The thunder storms we had the other day had little effect on our area streams. Every bit of rain we get helps. The Gray fox and March Brown hatch is starting to wind down. There is still a bug or two showing up here and there and the flies are still catching fish. The memory of the bugs still remains. I suspect we have at least two more good weeks of sulfur.

We have been having good fishing with caddis during the evenings on the Oatka. The Caddis flies are about a size 12 or 14 and are chocolate brown in color. Don't ask me which Caddis this is, I have no clue. I have nicknamed them chocolate Caddis. We have been having good success fishing a Caddis adult on the surface and a Caddis emerger fished as a dropper off the dry fly. The trout seem to like the dry fly fished with a slight skitter. This will imitate adult caddis on the surface, while also causing the caddis emerger that is fished on the dropper, to be pulled to the surface just like a natural Caddis fly emerging.

The sulfur spinner falls continue to be very heavy. We have decent fishing early in the sulfur spinner return. Once the main body of spinners start to fall there are so many flies on the water that our fly gets lost in the mass of bugs. We have been catching more fish on a White Wolf size 14 and 12 than we have with sulfur spinners.

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