Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Spinners Keep Coming

About the photographs -- One photograph is a nice Springbrook Brown trout caught on a size 20 blue wing olive. The other will give you an idea just how heavy the spinner falls for Springbrook are.

Sulfur Spinner returns continue on both Oatka and Springbrook. Water flow on Oatka trail has become so low that conditions are getting critical. I have moved my fishing back to the park section of Oatka. The spinner returns in this portion of Oatka are starting to wind down. Lighter spinner falls mean there are fewer bugs to compete with our flies. This has made fishing the evening spinner fall more productive. There is a light caddis hatch that is coming off prior to the spinner return. This caddis is a small black caddis, something like a size 18 or 20. You may still find a few chocolate caddis size 14.

Springbrook is having mid afternoon blue wing olive hatches. These olives are a size 18. This Hatch has been a little tough on me I have not yet been able to figure out a consistent pattern. Sometimes the fish want emergers then they want nymphs and then a dune. The challenge I've been having is the fish seem to change their mind every 20 minutes. However, we are still managing to catch a few fish during this olive hatch. Lately fishing the spinner returns on Springbrook, have been as good as you can expect. When I am fishing the spinner returns I gently start out with the male spinner and then once the main body of bugs starts to fall, I shift over to the female spinner.

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