Monday, June 25, 2007

New Bugs For Oatka

The sulfur hatch is finally winding down. We will have sulfur spinners for another week or so.

What is next, for the Oatka there are still caddis hatching such as the chocolate caddis in a size 14 and a little black caddis size 18 and 20. Now it is time to start fishing with beetles, size 16 to 12 and ants, size 16 to 20. A cinnamon ant is a favorite for the Oatka Creek. Along with the ants and beetles, attractor flies are now becoming effective. I like to fish a red veriant or a silver veriant in size 16 or 14. To fish this fly is to work my way up stream and cover any likely fish holding spot. I'm not fishing to any particular trout that is rising, but hoping to pull a fish or two up.

Spring Brook-- there is still has good sulfur hatch along Spring Brook at various times of the day. I suspect we have another week or so and this hatch will be winding down. B.W.O is a light but steady afternoon hatch. I'm having the best results with B.W.O nymphs and emergers. The daytime fishing now consist of fishing pink scuds and midges.

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