Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It Finally Rained

We finally got some rain. The southern tier received most of the rain, a little over an inch and a half. Around Rochester we received about half that. This rainfall has been a big help in bringing our trout streams back up to a decent level. The Genesee River from Wellsville on downstream is now a little on the high side and slightly off-color and in a day the water clarity will clear up. Oatka Creek has not come up as much as you would have thought. However water flows have improved a little. Oatka Creek may continue to slowly rise over the next few days as high water down stream works its way through.

With all the hot weather we had last week, the hatches on both Oatka and the Genesee were happening at night. Cool weather forecast for this week and with the increase in water flow will bring the water temperatures back down to more comfortable levels for the trout. The cooler water temperatures should also put the bug hatches back on a normal schedule. I suspect the fishing this week is going to be a marked improvement over what we have had the last couple of weeks.

Fish Oatka morning and late afternoons and the Genesee from mid-morning on. Continue to use the same fly patterns that I have suggested previously. For those of you who are new to my postings, the suggested flies are as follows: sulphur duns, sulphur spinners, gray fox, march browns, blue wing olives (both light and dark), Caddis and white wolfs. As for nymphs; hairs ears and pheasant tails.

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