Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hot Weather Trout Fishing

The last couple of days we have been plagued with some very hot weather. This hot weather has certainly had an effect on the trout fishing. Trout streams that do not have the protection from springs have been getting cooked these last couple of days. What all this hot weather does to trout fishing, outside the obvious hot water temperatures, is to cause all the bug and fish activity to be delayed until late evening or go nocturnal. As always it is all about the water temperature. The nighttime temperatures being a little cooler, will allow the water temperatures to drop back a few degrees, and in doing so, trigger a little bit of fish and bug activity. This may explain why in streams many trout will stop feeding on insects and start to feed on crustaceans and forage fish. This time the year, the population of crayfish and forage minnows are at a seasonal high. It does not take long for a trout to get all the food that it needs. It only takes two or three baby crayfish or a couple of minnows to fill up a 12 inch trout.

Often the best approach to trout fishing during hot weather is to shift your fishing efforts to early mornings. The vantages of this are the water temperatures are going to be as cool as it is going to get. Many times you can get a little bit of residual feeding behavior from nighttime bug activities. Often a few trout are still hunting around for one last baby crayfish to eat.

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