Thursday, June 7, 2007

Good Trout Fishing

Both Springbrook and Oatka creek have been fishing very well the last couple of days. This is not what I call stupid fishing. Once you to figure out what the fish want you may have some of the best fishing of the year. The water flow for Oatka is still low despite the rain we had earlier in the week. However, the cool temperatures have moved the timing of the hatches back to late afternoon.

I have been fishing Oatka Creek upstream along the trail, during the afternoons. This is where I have been finding gray fox and caddis hatches. Depending on which pool we stop, there is either a gray fox or a caddis hatch. The caddis that is hatching are either a light caddis size 16 or a dark brown caddis size 12. Fishing the gray fox is pretty straightforward. A gray fox dun drifted along current seams. Fishing the caddis hatch has been a little more technical. Some fish want emergers and others will take a dry fly, either scattered across to the surface or dead drift. The trail has been producing wonderful dry fly fishing and what makes it more fun for us, is that we have to figure out what the fish want at each pool.

I have been moving back to Springbrook to fish the evening sulfur hatch. Last few evenings we've had very good sulfur hatches and a few blue wing olives have been hatching along with the sulfurs. Plus, the fish have been feeding well during the sulfur spinner returns. Flies for Springbrook have been sulfur duns, emergers & spinners, pheasant tails and a sulfur nymph that I call a yellow-back. We have also taken a few fish with blue wing olive dun and olive emergers.

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