Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Can't See My Fly

It is tough to see a size 16 sulfur spinner lying flush in the surface film at last light. When you cannot see your fly it is very hard to properly fish it. You never know if it is drifting correctly or if the fly has been pulled under, or that rise you just saw is actually a trout taking your fly. This is one of the many reasons why some fishermen only see a spinner fall in the rear view mirror.

A trick that I learned several years ago, while fishing in the Catskills with some friends, is to not worry about seeing the spinner. Instead tie, on a larger fly that you can easily see and then fish the spinner as a dropper fly. This way, when you're indicator fly is not performing properly you'll know that your spinner is not fishing properly. When you see a rise near your indicator fly or your fly just plain disappears, set the hook.

Here's how I set this dropper rige up; for the indicator fly I like to use a white wolf size 12 or 14 depending on the situation. The white wolf is tied on to the leader with 4-X or 5-X tippet. This heavier tippet will ensure that the larger fly will turn over easily and this will help to prevent the smaller dropper fly from tangling. As for the dropper fly, I tie this fly to the bend of the hook of the larger indicator fly with about a 12’’ to 18’’ of 6-X tippet. When you are fishing with a pair of flies like this it is twice as easy to get tangled. What I have done is to pre-rige my flies a head of time and then store them separately in a fly box with large compartments so that they will not tangle. Once tangled I just cut the pair flies off and retie, the heavier tip and larger fly makes it easier to tie in a new set in low light.

The spinner falls on Oatka Creek have been very heavy. I have been fishing a male spinner at first. Once the main body of spinners falls, which is made up of primarily females I've been cutting off the male spinner that I have been fishing as a dropper fly. At this point there are so many bugs on the water, if you can get a trout to take your spinner it would be like winning the lottery. I've had more success fishing just a size 14 or 12 white wolf at this point.

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