Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What Is Going On With The Fishing?

I am still fishing for Steelhead while most everyone else is trout fishing. I can not give up the steelhead thing. I enjoy trout fishing has much as everyone else, but the trout are going nowhere and the Steelhead will be gone soon. The last couple of mornings we have been doing some videotaping and experiencing excellent Steelhead fishing. Hopefully we will be able to show you a little bit of our video in the near future.

So what has been going on with the fishing? Obviously we are having some good drop back steelhead fishing and we have had it all to ourselves. What I have been enjoying is watching the huge Caddis hatches, lots of bugs, but only a few trout are around. The drop back Steelhead are trying their best, but they can not eat all the bugs that are around. Maybe someday the state of New York will realize the value of stocking a few Brown trout in the Salmon River, and create a summer trout fishery.

As for Spring Brook and Oatka Creek, the Hendrickson Hatch is winding down - however blue wing olives are still hatching. On cloudy days both Spring Brook and Oatka will have good olive hatches. (The olives this time of the year are size 16.) For Oatka Creek, look for Caddis during the day and good Hendrickson spinner falls during the evenings. Spinner fall will last for at least another week or so. (For the Caddis Hatch fish a size 14 light Caddis.)

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