Thursday, May 24, 2007

We Get Bugs

All of our trout streams are fishing at their best. I described this as the magic two weeks. My only concern with the fishing conditions, at this moment, is that we have not had any significant rain in over two weeks. If this dry spell continues a few of our trout streams could start to suffer.

Starting with Oatka creek, there are several hatches going on at once. Depending on the time of the day you will see the following hatches; during the afternoons you will see Gray Foxes, March Browns. Late afternoon into the evening Sulphur and light Caddis and at last light expect to see a good Sulphur spinner fall. At Spring Brook we have Blue Wing Olives and Sulphurs in the afternoon and Midgets throughout most of the day. The Genesee River at Wellsville, New York on down River. -- This is a lot of river, so depending on where you are fishing will dictate what hatches you will see. You can expect to find the same hatches that I mentioned above. Expect to find strong daytime hatches of Caddis and Gray Fox as this section of the Genesee can have fantastic Gray Fox hatches. With the warm weather we are experiencing the last couple of days, there will be Sulphur spinner returns daring the evenings for all of the streams.

Productive fly patterns for the Genesee and Oatka, are the following Sulphurs dun, Sulphur spinners size 16, March Browns size 10, Gray Fox size 14, Blue Wing Olives size 18, light Caddis size 16. You can also try White Wolf size 12 in the evenings. Effective fly patterns for Spring Brook once again Sulphur dun and spinners, size 16 Blue Wing Olives, size 18 and Midges. When there is nothing going on try Pink Scuds size 16. For the nymph fishermen, Pheasant tails size 16, Hare's ears size 14 and 10.

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