Sunday, May 13, 2007

More Steelhead

5/13/7 - The Salmon River watershed has now gone over two weeks without any rain. As a result the water levels have been dropped to summer minimum flows, 185 CFS. After fishing the Salmon River with so much high water, the river is looking a little strange. So far the steelhead fishing is holding up very well. We are seeing and catching fish in every pool that we stop to fish. The nights continue to be cold and this helps to keep the water temperatures from getting too warm. I suspect we have at least one more good week of drop back fishing. With the low water we have gone from fishing with my custom super fast sink tips to fishing with sinking leaders.
As for the flies, the same collection of flies is still working. However, we had to make one adjustment: we have had to drop the size of the flies down about one hook size to adjust to the low water conditions. Otherwise not much has changed in my fly box; I am still fishing Brown woolly buggers, Royal Coachman wet and Mickey Finn streamers. Of course, all these flies are presented on a down and across swing.

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