Monday, May 21, 2007

The Last Steelhead

Sorry about being slow on my up dates lately. The last few days we had some runs and the Salmon River water flow was increased to 750 CFS. At same time the Steelhead fishing has started to become quite spotty. I do not know if all the Steelhead rode the increased water back into the lake, or put the Steelhead off the bite. My suspicion is that both theories are correct. Most of the Steelhead are now back in the Lake and what does remain has been put off the bite. Anyway, I will be back home myself and will be fishing the local trout streams soon.

This year's Steelhead run was one of the best I have seen in over 10 years. It is encouraging to see such a strong run of Steelhead for a change. Hopefully we have turned a corner and our Steelhead runs will continue to improve. One good season does not mean a change. However, for once I'm hopeful. As always every season has it's challenges, this season is definitely no exception. As everyone is aware we had plenty of high water to deal with. There was not much I could do about the high water, however for those of you who had to fish through it with me, except try to make the best of it. Once the water flow settled down we were able to enjoy some excellent steelhead fishing. I am looking forward to this fall. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy these wonderful fish again once again.

As for Spring Brook and Oatka Creek, the blue wing olives are still hatching on cloudy days. Both Spring Brook and Oatka will have good olive hatches. The olives this time of the year are size 16. For Oatka Creek, look for Caddis during the day and there may still be a few Hendrickson spinner during the evenings. What is left of the Hendrickson spinner fall will last for maybe another week. (For the Caddis Hatch fish a size 14 light Caddis.)

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