Monday, May 28, 2007

Bugs And Trout

Despite the hot weather the bugs are off to a slow start. This is not all that bad as the hatches will last longer and there is less competition for your fly on the water. What has been surprising is the inconsistency of the spinner falls. One pool will have a few spinners and the next pool would not have any bugs. If the fish are not feeding in one pool, you need to move.
The dry weather is starting to have an effect on the Oatka and the Genesee River at Wellsville, N.Y. We need rain. Of course, Spring Brook is not affected by the dry weather and you can set your watch by the timing of the hatches. The fishing pressure on Spring Brook is high, but this is normal for this time of the year.

Productive fly patterns; The last few days I have had good success with a Hairs ear’s wet size 16. The Genesee and Oatka are the following Sulphurs dune, Sulphur spinners size 16, March Brown size 10, Gray Fox size 14, Blue Wing Olive size 18, light Caddis size 16. You can also try White Wolf size 12 in the evenings. Effective fly patterns for Spring Brook once again Sulphur dune and spinners, size 16 Blue Wing Olives, size 18 and Midgets. When there is nothing going on, try Pink Sucds size 16. For the nymph fishermen, Pheasant tail's size 16, Hairs ear's size 14 and 10.

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