Thursday, April 5, 2007

Spring Cold Snap

Spring cold snaps always seem to bother us. The reality is a few spring cold snaps help to stretch out the spring steelhead run. If all we had was warm sunny weather, the river water flows would drop and warm up quickly. When this happens during warm dry springs, steelhead runs do not last long. I have always had the best spring steelhead fishing during wet cold springs like this one is proving to be.

As for the fishing conditions, the rain showers that came through earlier this week had little effect on the water flows in all of the local rivers and creeks. The cold snap has slowed the fishing way down. Water temperatures have dropped anywhere from 6 degrees to 10 degrees depending on the river. Steelheads that have been spawning will still hang around the gravel beds. However, there activities will be slowed way down. This time of the year new steelhead are constantly entering the rivers from the lake that is even colder than the rivers. These new fish will not be as severely affected by the temperature drops we are experiencing these past few days. For the next few days, my suggestion would be to concentrate your fishing efforts in the pools. The same spots we were fishing during the winter. Once the water temperatures start to rise back towards the 40 degree mark, go back to fishing the gravel beds and runs.

One final note: I still have a few days open in the next couple of weeks, if you're interested in some last chance Brown trout don't wait. They will be back in the lake in the next two to three weeks.

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