Monday, April 2, 2007

A Mix Of Steelhead And Brown Trout

This weeks weather forecast looks like a wet one. We will have to see how much rain we get, and if the rivers will come back up. So far, all the rain that we have received has had little effect on our streams.

As for what's going on with the fishing? Starting with the Oak Orchard River, the water flows are slowly dropping, but still remain high and muddy. The water clarity is about 1 foot and slowly clearing up. The water temperatures are holding in the mid 40s, which makes the muddy waters less of a factor. There is a fair amount of steelhead spread out through the river from the dam down past the road hole. Most of these fish will be spawning at this time, so concentrate your efforts on traditional spawning locations. Do not hesitate to fish large flies at this time. With the dirty water and spawning activity most of the steelhead will respond to streamer in size 4 to1 fished on a swing.

Sandy Creek - Fishing conditions are about as perfect as they can get. A little high and a little off-color, remember dirty water means cover to the fish. The fish are spread out through the entire river. We have been fishing through several pools to find a few fish and catching a mix of both Steelhead and Brown trout. Most of our fish have been caught on white wooley buggers, white bunny flies, Oregon cheese and chartreuse egg flies.

The Salmon River is still flowing at about 2400 units, give or take a couple hundred units, depending on the weather. All of that water is still snow runoff, so the water temperatures have not warmed up much above 33 or 34 degrees. All this cold water definitely makes for tough steelhead fishing. However, fishermen who know how to fish in this cold water are having some success. I have not heard how the upper fly-fishing zone is fishing since it is only been open a few days. I do suspect there is alot of fish in the upper river. As for successful fly patterns, the usual stuff stone flies and small egg flies.

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