Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fast Changing Fishing Conditions

4/24/07-- Fast changing fishing conditions, this is a under statement! Monday and Tuesday fishing conditions were as close to ideal as you could ask for. The Salmon River Pulaski N.Y was flowing at 500 CFS and the water temperatures are rising into the mid 40° temperature range. Even though the morning fishing was generally slow, during the afternoon we found plenty of spawning steelhead moving onto the shallow water gravel beds. The entire river was starting shape up and fish well. And then things of course change, today they raised the river to 1800 CFS, this increase in water flow successfully dropped the water temperature 6° and slowed fishing way down. Successful fly patterns for the last few days have been, black and brown buggers, egg sucking Leach's and small egg patterns.

Once again the conditions are about to change dramatically, By midnight tonight the water flows for the Salmon River is going to be in excess of 3500!!! Hopefully this will not last long, and we Will be back to fish and very soon.

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