Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Thaw

It looks like the spring thaw is definitely on now. All the local streams and rivers are now starting to rise with the snow melt. This rising water is going to help clear ice and wake up steelhead that have spent the winter holding in the deeper portions of the rivers. There are several things that you need keep in mind when fishing this time of the year. The first and most important is conditions can and will change DAILY. Water flows and temperatures will often fluctuate wildly on a daily basis. A river can go from ideal conditions to totally unfishable within a few hours. One more factor to keep in mind is, just because it is a nice warm sunny day it does not mean that the water is going to be all that warm. During warm days heavy snow melt water well be flowing into the rivers. This water is very cold; I am talking about temperatures of 32 degrees. Cold water like this will quickly suck the heat out of your body. You still need to dress for cold water conditions.

As of 2/13/07 - With today's warm water, if your favorite stream or river is not flooded full yet, it will be soon.

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