Friday, March 30, 2007

Settling Down

Coleman's March Brown tied by Rick Tabor

3/30/07 - The rivers and creeks are starting to settling down nicely, however the water color is still way off. This spring is starting to look like a wet one. We will have to fish in less than ideal conditions. One of my favorite sayings is “fear no mud” it looks like we will be fishing in some muddy water. I will fish water that has about a foot of clarity once the water temperatures reaches 40 degrees or more. Muddy water has its advantages such as cover. When you do find fish they will most likely be biters.

Oak Orchard River is still high with about a foot of clarity. Do not expect the water to clear up soon as the reservoir will keep the Oak off color for weeks. With the water level at the Oak as high as it is, use caution when wading. The ice is now gone from the reservoir, so the water temperature will be starting to warm.

Sandy creek should be about ideal by the end of the weekend. As for now, fish the lower sections of the creek. Concentrate your fishing time in the larger pools.

The Salmon River at Pulaski New York is running 2600 CFS at the Pineville gauge. The water color has about 3 feet of clarity, which is ideal. But the issue is, the Salmon River is full of 33 degree snow-melt water. The fishing will be tough until the water temperatures warms up.

One last note, those of you who have been long time customers at Coleman’s Fly Shop would have known Rick Tabor. I am sad to say that he recently lost his fight with lung cancer. Rick was one of the best fly tiers I've known. I learned a lot from Rick. He will be missed.

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