Monday, March 26, 2007

A Lot Of Rain

3/26/07 - Heavy rains on Saturday and today's thunderstorms have taken the streams and rivers from high water conditions to totally flooded conditions. Late last week Oak Orchard River and Sandy creek were just starting to become fishable. A few Steelheads were being caught at Oak Orchard River late last week, and of course Sandy was also starting to produce fish. All of my observations and information given to me is tell me that we have alot of fish in our rivers. What we need now is a little bit of dry weather so we can get back to fishing.
The stories that are coming from the Salmon River are definitely mixed. What I can tell you for certain is there is definitely alot of fish. All last week the Salmon River has been running at 1100 CFS and the water temperatures have been holding around 33 to 34 degrees. Basically the river is full of snow runoff. These tough conditions definitely explain the poor fishing reports. High water makes it hard to get to the fish cold water is going to slow down the fish's interest in biting. However, fishermen who know how to handle these conditions have been experiencing excellent steelhead fishing. The issue now is the Salmon River is going to flood. As of this time, the water flows will be increased to 1800 CFS, add to this water flows from Beaver Dam Brook and Orwell Brook. We will be looking at a guaranteed water flow in excess of 2400 to 2600 CFS. I suspect when the Salmon River does flood it will go as high as 5000 CFS or more.
As bad as all of this sounds, we have to remember one thing, it always seems to flood each spring and the fishing is always good immediately afterwards. So keep on tying flies, and keep the fishing gear in the truck. We will need it soon!

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