Friday, March 16, 2007

Ice Out

The photograph is of sandy creek. The water is propping fast.

We all know about all the high water that we are experiencing. Most of the rivers and creeks have crested and are now settling down. With the cold weather predicted for this weekend, the water flows will fall quickly. We should be back to fishing the smaller creeks and river by mid week. With all of this high water, hopefully, we will be finding new runs steelhead. It is time. The water will still be very cold, so the flies will need to be drifted along the river bottom. When I am fishing cold water, I like to use strike indicators whenever possible. The indicators I use to help me to maintain a longer drift than I would normally be able to do with out the use of indicators. Suggested flies are black or olive Stone flies, Infected pheasant tail in colors chartreuse or fluorescent pink. Steelhead caddis and egg flies in colors chartreuse, orange, pink. If you do not know the pattern for the Infected Pheasant Tail, here it is.

Infected Pheasant Tail
Hook: Daiichi 1530 or 1710
Size: 10-8
Thread: UIN 6/0 black
Tail: Pheasant tail tips
Rip: Fine copper wire
Abdomen: Ring neck pheasant center tail fibers
Thorax: Fluorescent red chenille
Wing Case: Pheasant tail thorax
Legs: pheasant tail tips

What else is going on-- Spring Brook at Caledonia, New York is not affected by all of the snow runoff. To make matters even better, spring brook is as always right on schedule. The midges are hatching and the scuds are becoming more active now. This means good old-fashioned trout fishing even with a little snow. Suggested flies are black midges adult dry, midge emerges, griffin nat all size 20, and of course pink scuds size 16.

Due to high water, and Saturday's weather forecast it looks like there will not be much fishing going on. In this case why don't you come to Coleman’s fly shop and watch my fly tying demonstration. I will be tying flies for spring brook and the upcoming Hendrickson hatch. The fly tying demonstration will run from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.


  1. Jay just a correction, it is called Spring Creek not Spring Brook

  2. To Anonymous-- actually it is called both Spring Creek and Spring Brook by the local.