Friday, March 30, 2007

Settling Down

Coleman's March Brown tied by Rick Tabor

3/30/07 - The rivers and creeks are starting to settling down nicely, however the water color is still way off. This spring is starting to look like a wet one. We will have to fish in less than ideal conditions. One of my favorite sayings is “fear no mud” it looks like we will be fishing in some muddy water. I will fish water that has about a foot of clarity once the water temperatures reaches 40 degrees or more. Muddy water has its advantages such as cover. When you do find fish they will most likely be biters.

Oak Orchard River is still high with about a foot of clarity. Do not expect the water to clear up soon as the reservoir will keep the Oak off color for weeks. With the water level at the Oak as high as it is, use caution when wading. The ice is now gone from the reservoir, so the water temperature will be starting to warm.

Sandy creek should be about ideal by the end of the weekend. As for now, fish the lower sections of the creek. Concentrate your fishing time in the larger pools.

The Salmon River at Pulaski New York is running 2600 CFS at the Pineville gauge. The water color has about 3 feet of clarity, which is ideal. But the issue is, the Salmon River is full of 33 degree snow-melt water. The fishing will be tough until the water temperatures warms up.

One last note, those of you who have been long time customers at Coleman’s Fly Shop would have known Rick Tabor. I am sad to say that he recently lost his fight with lung cancer. Rick was one of the best fly tiers I've known. I learned a lot from Rick. He will be missed.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007

A Lot Of Rain

3/26/07 - Heavy rains on Saturday and today's thunderstorms have taken the streams and rivers from high water conditions to totally flooded conditions. Late last week Oak Orchard River and Sandy creek were just starting to become fishable. A few Steelheads were being caught at Oak Orchard River late last week, and of course Sandy was also starting to produce fish. All of my observations and information given to me is tell me that we have alot of fish in our rivers. What we need now is a little bit of dry weather so we can get back to fishing.
The stories that are coming from the Salmon River are definitely mixed. What I can tell you for certain is there is definitely alot of fish. All last week the Salmon River has been running at 1100 CFS and the water temperatures have been holding around 33 to 34 degrees. Basically the river is full of snow runoff. These tough conditions definitely explain the poor fishing reports. High water makes it hard to get to the fish cold water is going to slow down the fish's interest in biting. However, fishermen who know how to handle these conditions have been experiencing excellent steelhead fishing. The issue now is the Salmon River is going to flood. As of this time, the water flows will be increased to 1800 CFS, add to this water flows from Beaver Dam Brook and Orwell Brook. We will be looking at a guaranteed water flow in excess of 2400 to 2600 CFS. I suspect when the Salmon River does flood it will go as high as 5000 CFS or more.
As bad as all of this sounds, we have to remember one thing, it always seems to flood each spring and the fishing is always good immediately afterwards. So keep on tying flies, and keep the fishing gear in the truck. We will need it soon!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Windy, Rainy, Muddy

3/22/07 - This about explains the conditions for the day. It is a typical spring day for the Western end of Lake Ontario. Starting with Sandy Creek, the water temperature today is 42 degrees, the water clarity started out stained and deteriorated as the day went on. By days end the water clarity was reduced to about 12 inches and the river level rose over 6 inches. Sandy Creek went from marginal fishing levels to very challenging levels. As for Oak Orchard, the water flows have remained steady. Moderately high water flows and the water clarity is stained. Because the reservoir for Oak Orchard River is still filled with cold water, the water temperatures are holding in the mid 30s. Successful fly patterns for today were chartreuse glow bugs. I had no luck with swinging white zonkers today but that doesn't mean this pattern would not work tomorrow.

The Salmon River at Pulaski New York is running at 1500 C.F.I. All of this water is snow melt, so obviously water temperatures on the Salmon River are going to be very cold. I suspect that we will be experiencing river conditions like this for the next month.

Saturday's fly tying demonstration at Coleman's fly shop is going to be focused on Midge patterns. Jason Franz is going to show how he ties on small hooks and will show several techniques to help you fish with these tiny flies. The demonstration will run from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. This is a free demonstration so come in and join us.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Time To Go Fishing

All of the local streams and rivers are starting to settle down nicely. Rivers like Sandy Creek, and Oak Orchard are now approaching fishable conditions. The next few days should produce some quality fishing. The only real concern for the next few days is Thursday's weather forecast of rain. Hopefully this will not cause too much high water. Water temperatures will still be very cold, so stay with winter techniques. Bottom fishing with egg flies and large nymphs, you may even consider swinging a few white woolly buggers.

Spring steelhead newsletter

Snow has been the big talk all winter. Everyone likes to talk about how much trouble all the snow has been. Yes, it is a bit of a pain, to travel through not to mention how much you hurt when you get done shoving all of this stuff away. However there is a silver lining in all of the snow; Steelhead-silver you could say.

Snow - we got snow. Here as of to date, at the shop over 3 feet has fallen. Go to the east end of Lake Ontario. Now we are talking about Pulaski with over 113 inches and most importantly Redfield with 141 inches of snow. The importance of Redfield is it is located at the source of the Salmon River at Pulaski. With all of the snow we are going to have plenty of water this spring.

As for the Western end of the Lake, when all of the snow starts to melt off, we will have a good push of water. This high water will hopefully trigger a strong run of Steelhead ensuring a good start to the spring run. Plus with all of this spring run off, it is going to help keep the rivers in good fishing conditions. The Steelhead fishing will start about mid to late March and continue on until mid April.

The big snow pack at Redfield will most likely take until May to totally melt off. This is good news, for the steelhead fishing on the Salmon River. The Steelhead fishing will start to peak mid to late April and carry on until mid to late May. The month of May can be a good time for Steelhead fishing. The water temperatures in the river are generally holding around the 50s and the Steelhead are now very aggressive. Add to this the new one fish limit that is now in effect. There is more Steelhead in the river at this time of the year, than ever before.

My spring fishing schedule is as follows. I will be fishing the rivers in the Western end of like Ontario, Oak Orchard, Sandy Creek and when possible the Genesee River. I will start fishing these rivers as soon as the ice leaves and go until the 15th to the 20th of April, depending on fishing conditions. At this point I will move to the Salmon River at Pulaski New York. I will fish the Salmon River in tell mid to late May, depending on how well the Steelhead runs last. After this, I will be back home and fish the local trout streams.

Final note, if you're interested in fishing with me this spring, please consider getting in contact with me soon so you can ensure the dates that you would like to fish. My spring calendar is starting to fill so it would be wise not to wait too long.

For more information, contact:


Friday, March 16, 2007

Ice Out

The photograph is of sandy creek. The water is propping fast.

We all know about all the high water that we are experiencing. Most of the rivers and creeks have crested and are now settling down. With the cold weather predicted for this weekend, the water flows will fall quickly. We should be back to fishing the smaller creeks and river by mid week. With all of this high water, hopefully, we will be finding new runs steelhead. It is time. The water will still be very cold, so the flies will need to be drifted along the river bottom. When I am fishing cold water, I like to use strike indicators whenever possible. The indicators I use to help me to maintain a longer drift than I would normally be able to do with out the use of indicators. Suggested flies are black or olive Stone flies, Infected pheasant tail in colors chartreuse or fluorescent pink. Steelhead caddis and egg flies in colors chartreuse, orange, pink. If you do not know the pattern for the Infected Pheasant Tail, here it is.

Infected Pheasant Tail
Hook: Daiichi 1530 or 1710
Size: 10-8
Thread: UIN 6/0 black
Tail: Pheasant tail tips
Rip: Fine copper wire
Abdomen: Ring neck pheasant center tail fibers
Thorax: Fluorescent red chenille
Wing Case: Pheasant tail thorax
Legs: pheasant tail tips

What else is going on-- Spring Brook at Caledonia, New York is not affected by all of the snow runoff. To make matters even better, spring brook is as always right on schedule. The midges are hatching and the scuds are becoming more active now. This means good old-fashioned trout fishing even with a little snow. Suggested flies are black midges adult dry, midge emerges, griffin nat all size 20, and of course pink scuds size 16.

Due to high water, and Saturday's weather forecast it looks like there will not be much fishing going on. In this case why don't you come to Coleman’s fly shop and watch my fly tying demonstration. I will be tying flies for spring brook and the upcoming Hendrickson hatch. The fly tying demonstration will run from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Thaw

It looks like the spring thaw is definitely on now. All the local streams and rivers are now starting to rise with the snow melt. This rising water is going to help clear ice and wake up steelhead that have spent the winter holding in the deeper portions of the rivers. There are several things that you need keep in mind when fishing this time of the year. The first and most important is conditions can and will change DAILY. Water flows and temperatures will often fluctuate wildly on a daily basis. A river can go from ideal conditions to totally unfishable within a few hours. One more factor to keep in mind is, just because it is a nice warm sunny day it does not mean that the water is going to be all that warm. During warm days heavy snow melt water well be flowing into the rivers. This water is very cold; I am talking about temperatures of 32 degrees. Cold water like this will quickly suck the heat out of your body. You still need to dress for cold water conditions.

As of 2/13/07 - With today's warm water, if your favorite stream or river is not flooded full yet, it will be soon.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Hope Is Spring Eternal

Here is a nice spring time photograph to help us through our spring fever. This photograph was taken on the ace-in-the-whole pool; Salmon River in Pulaski. The spring steelhead Jason is measuring measured 34 inches.

Hopefully next week will be the week we can get back to fishing. The weather reports for next week are looking good for fishing. Hopefully the ice will clear out of Sandy Creek soon. As for the Genesee River, the flow is fishable and dropping. With a little luck, the water will continue to clear. Salmon River, Pulaski N.Y—water flow is at 750 c.f.s and is projected to last through March 15. Other than that, there is nothing new here and with the warm weather there will be no slush ice to deal with. The same goes for the flies and presentations. Still dead drifting egg flies and nymphs along the River bottom.

This Saturday there will be a fly tying demonstration at Coleman's fly shop. The subject of the fly tying this Saturday is salt water flies. Craig Dennison will show several of his favorite fly patterns that he uses to fish for Strippers, Tarpon to Bone fish. The fly tying demonstration will start at 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. This is a free demonstration, so come and join us

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Cold Snap. Hopefully The Last!

As of 3/06/06 - We have a cold snap once again. Hopefully this will be the last one for the winter. I am probably not the only one who is getting a little antsy, and wants to get back to fishing. Last week's rainfall caused the Genesee River to rise, hopefully it will settle back down soon. The rain also had an effect on the Oak Orchard River and our Sandy Creek. Oak Orchard River water flow has risen over the past weekend. This increase in water flow should wake up the steelhead in the Oak. During the winter it often takes a good pulse of water to start up the fishing in the Oak Orchard River. As for Sandy Creek, the upper portions of the creek are starting to show signs of the ice opening up. In the rest of Sandy the Ice still has the Creek locked up and hopefully we can be back to fishing Sandy soon.

The Salmon River in Pulaski has been fishing fairly decent for winter steelhead. Especially the lower river from sportsman's pool on down to Douglaston salmon run. During cold snaps, like the one we are having now, slush ice often make the lower river impossible to fish. During warm spells the slush ice is never a problem and it would be wise to spend most the fishing time in the lower river. The Douglaston Salmon Run is fishable down to the Josh pool. The fishing techniques have been bottom fishing with egg flies, pheasant tails, hairs ears, soft hackle nymphs and black and olive stone flies.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hopefully The River Will Hold Out

3/1/07 - the Genesee River has been fishing right along the past week, not much has changed. Both water flows and color has remained constant, it is still a go and try it and see how it goes situation. The most effective fly patterns have been egg flies and white zonkers and woolly buggers. Hopefully the wet weather will not cause the Genesee River water flows to rise. As for the Salmon River, the fishing is back to normal, decent winter steelhead fishing. Some days better than others, just like the Genesee River you need to go and give it a try and see how things work out. Fly patterns for a Salmon River have been brown, black and olive stone flies, hairs ear nymphs, pheasant tails all in sizes between 12 and 8.

This Saturday there will be a fly tying demonstration at Coleman's fly shop. The subject of the fly tying this Saturday is emergers. Gary Rose will show several of his favorite fly patterns that he uses to fish for trout at Spring Brook. The fly tying demonstration will start at 1 p.m. and go to 3 p.m. This is a free demonstration, so come and join us!