Thursday, February 22, 2007

Winter Break On Genesee River

2/22/07 The Genesee River has finally settled down and has been fishing fairly decent for the past couple of weeks. Some days the river fishing is good and some not so good. You have just to go and try it. Today however was a slow day. We had to fish hard and long for a single steelhead. River conditions are as good as you could expect for this time of year. There is still a lot of shelf ice around Seth Green Island. Great care should be taken along this part of the river as the shelf ice has been breaking up the last few days. Hopefully, we can continue to fish the Genesee for a little longer before this warm weather melts too much snow and the river rises. As for the flies, today's fish was caught with a white woolly bugger. However, egg patterns such as Glow bugs and Carper flies in size 8 have been producing.

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