Sunday, February 11, 2007

Russell Station

2/11/07-- Russell station is one spot that has been fishing last week, between the heavy snowfall and high winds. If you could stand the cold and fish through all the steam from the power plant, you might be able to scrape out a quick fish fix. For those of you who are not familiar with Russell station. This is a spot that you can fish during extreme cold snaps. It is a warm water discharge for a coal-fired power plant. There is not much room to fish, the cooling pound and then about 20 yards of flowing water to which the creek empty straight and to Lake Ontario. Russell station is one of those spots where the fish come and go constantly, you have to show up try the spot and see if any fish are there. Today for me all that was there was a lout of ducks.

One bright spot to all this cold weather is the Genesee River has come down and cleared up and now is in fishing condition. When fishing the Genesee River this time of the year great care must be taken when walking along the shoreline. There is always a lot of ice, and the River can be dangerous. I have not fished the Genesee yet, so I have no suggestions for what to use, other than egg flies.

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