Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Black Spey

NAME: Black Spey
HOOK: Daiichi 2050 11/2 to 3
THREAD: 6/0 black
TAG: Flat gold tinsel
BODY: 2/3 lite – brite gold
RIB: oval gold
UNDER WING: Flash bow + crystal flash
SPEY HACKLE: Black maribou
WING: bronze mallard

The Black spey is becoming one of my favorite every day work flies. This fly patterns is fairly easy and quick to tie and is effective in many different situations. I will use this fly in larger sizes in 11/2 when fishing big rivers or in high water. In smaller rivers or low water I like to use this fly in size 3. The Black spey is an effective pattern for both steelhead and salmon. I will often fish this pattern with sinking lines when searching rivers for fish.

With all the snow that fell in the last couple of days, I do not need to tell you about the fishing. We all know about Russell Station, and the Genesee River is back into fishing conditions. If we get a break in the weather this week, I will try and fish the Genesee River. The few reports that I've heard, is the River is fishing very good.

This Saturday there will be a fly tying demonstration at Coleman's fly shop. The subject of the fly tying this Saturday is tube flies. Jason will show several of his favorite fly patterns that he uses to fish for both trout and bass. Some of Jason's patterns are used to troll the Lake, and also make great saltwater flies. The fly tying demonstration will start at 1 pm and go to 3 pm. This is a free demonstration, so come and join us.

One last note: FLY TYING WORK SHOP {just bring your tools} THIS IS A SPEY FLY WORK SHOP: Tying all day 9:00 am till 4:30 pm, February 25, 2007. The workshop will be covering, material handling and fishing with spey flies. All the materials will be furnished. You will work with pheasant rump, marabou, Whitings special spey hackle and lots more. $95.00 pre-registration required.

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