Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Hungry Brown Trout

NAME: Mr. Rubber Legs
HOOK: 1530 size 4 Daiichi
BEAD: gold-3/32
THREAD: UNI orange 6/0
TAIL: white marabou + a few strands of parole kryata flash
LEGS: sili legs amber/gold flake
BOBY: white glo chenille
HACKLE: white saddle hackle
WING: two strand of sili legs amber/gold flake over a few strands of parole kryata flash

Hungry Brown Trout
1/3/07 All the local rivers have recovered nicely from the rainstorms over the holidays. Oak Orchard River is flowing at a moderate level with 2 feet of good visibility. With all the warm weather there is no ice on the reservoir. As a result the water temperatures have been holding in the upper 30s. Oak Orchard River has been fishing best during the mornings from about 8 a.m. until noon. A few small Brown trout and Steelhead are being caught in both the archers pool and road hole. Even though the weather has been unusually warm, Oak Orchard has seen light fishing pressure.

Water flows on Sandy Creek have leveled off nicely. The water color still has a slight hint of stain. These conditions are about as good as you will find for fishing this time of the year. Both Steelhead and Brown trout are being caught all through Sandy; one part of the creek seems as good as the next. As always, for this time of the year, all your fishing will be centered on the deeper pools and runs. Today all of our fish came on either white Zonker or Mr. Rubber legs fished on a swing in the tails of the pools. If Steelheads are your main interest, your best bet would be to concentrating your fishing efforts at the heads of the pools. Dead drifting egg flies and large nymphs under an indicator.

One final note; Fly Tying Classes (beginner or advanced) will be held at the shop starting February 7 thru March 21 - 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Please give us a call at 352-4775 if you have any questions.

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