Monday, January 29, 2007

Flies From Saturday

NAME: Mr. Rubber Legs
HOOK: Daiichi 1530 - size 4
BEAD: gold-3/32
THREAD: UNI orange 6/0
TAIL: white marabou + a few strands of pearl kryata flash
LEGS: sili legs amber/gold flake
BODY: white glo chenille
HACKLE: white saddle hackle
WING: two strands of sili legs amber/gold flake over a few strands of pearl kryata flash

NAME: Steelhead Caddis
HOOK: Daiichi 1120 - size 10
BEAD: copper - 1/8
THREAD: UNI black 6/0
BODY: 3/4 Ultra chenille - 1/4 Peacock herl
HACKLE: Hen back - brown

I would like to thank everyone for showing up to my fly tying demonstrations this past Saturday. During my fly tying demonstration, I was not able to supply the recipe for two of the patterns that I tied. For those of you who are interested in the missing fly patterns, I have now posted the patterns.

As for the fishing, as you can guess all of our tributary rivers are iced up, and of course the Genesee River is still way too high. One spot that we can still go and get a fish fix is spring brook at Caledonia. Doesn't matter how cold it gets that spring Creek water will never get colder than 42°. The trout will be feeding on mostly scuds and crust bugs. You can also try some small pheasant tail nymphs, size 20. If we get a break in the weather, I just may try fishing spring brook myself some afternoon.

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