Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Warm December Day

Warm days like what we have had the past few days are rare indeed. How often can you fish in December when it is 50 degrees? The water conditions for Sandy Creek are as good as I have seen all fall. The water levels are finally where I would consider it a normal flow and the clarity is excellent. Both Brown trout and Steelhead are spread out through Sandy Creek. Just about any pool or pocket can be holding a fish right now. To day we caught fish with both egg flies and streamers, such as, the nuclear roe bug and white woolly buggers. The egg flies are most productive when fished in the pocket water or the heads of the pools and the streamers are most fished effectively in the tails of the pools. Remember, the Browns are feeding on minnows such as Creek chubs right now. These minnows are now gathering in the slower protected water of the pools for the winter. A slow swing, with an occasional twitch, is the most effective way to imitate these minnows.

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