Friday, December 1, 2006

I Get To Go Fishing

11/30/06 - Both the water level and clarity was still holding up. The water temperature today was at 50 degrees and I found all my Brown trout and Rainbow trout located in the pools. The Brown trout finally seem to be slowly moving into the pools now. The flies that work for me were a chartreuse Estaz egg in size 8 and a white zonker in size 6. Both of these flies seem to be equally productive.

With all of this said, fishing conditions are now changing. Fishing conditions can change drastically from one day to the next this time of the year. The rain that has and is falling, [Thursday night and into Friday] will raise the water level and muddy the water at Sandy. The air temperature will cause to water temperature to drop in the next 48 hours. This recent change in weather will, basically, blow out Sandy Creek and throw the fish into a temperature shock. Fishing this weekend will best be done at the Oak Orchard River. The reservoir will help to lessen the weather's effect on the fishing conditions. The Oak has been fishing slowly for Brown trout, but decent for Steelhead. Concentrate your fishing efforts in the pools. This is where all of the Steelhead will be holding and you'll find your best fishing for the Brown trout here to. One final note on the Oak Orchard River: the crowded conditions have lightened up.

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