Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fishing On Borrowed Time

12/20/06 -- On Sandy Creek, what can I say about this weather? It's like we're fishing on borrowed time. You wonder when the weather is going to change and the creek will ice up. Until then, we will certainly try to get our licks in. The water flow is now becoming what I would call low and very clear. Believe it or not, Sandy could actually use a little rain. Today the water temperature was very cold. The morning temperature was 34° and at the end of the day, 38°. Cold water temperatures like this make the fish very lethargic. You can easily mistake a bite for your fly hanging on a rock.

The flies that worked today were the boss egg, in the color yellow in size 10. One rainbow was caught with a white woolly bugger size 6. With the low water conditions Sandy Creek is now experiencing, you will want concentrate you’re fishing efforts in the deepest cuts and pools you can find. Also, you will need to cover a lot of the creek. Fish a spot quickly and then move on.

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