Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Greetings

I just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

This past fall has had its challenges for sure. The wet weather and rain seemed to never stop. High water has been, and in some rivers still is, a constant concern. We still have not been able to fish the Genesee River yet. With many rivers unfishable this fall, we have had to deal with more fishing pressure than we are used to on our beloved Sandy Creek.

Then again, these conditions have brought us many opportunities with it. The salmon this fall were very big. The average salmon ran about five to 7 pounds larger than normal. True to form for this fall, heavy rains came just as the peak of the salmon run started. The Salmon River was running about a thousand units when most of the salmon made their run. When we got hooked up with a salmon, it was a blast for as long as we could hold on. So what if a fish won once in awhile!

The steelhead fishing this fall was outstanding. The best I have seen in many years and the steelhead fishing is still holding up.

The Brown Trout fishing.....what can I say? But outstanding! Big Brown Trout and more big Browns. The high water got the Brown trout run started early and strong and kept the run going all fall. Plus, all that high water that made the fishing a bit of a challenge for us has left us a great Christmas gift which is potentially very good winter fishing. The high water flows made it possible for a lot of Brown trout to work their way several more miles up river than normal. These Browns will spend the winter in the river feeding. Conditions look great for a good winter of fishing. -- Jay

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